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I have always been a fan of anything that’s unique and stands out, which is why i’m so thrilled about today’s post.  I was contacted by Jord watches to review one of their gorgeous selection of watches.  Since I have never really thought much of wood watches or any wooden accessories, I had to go on their website to do a little research of my own and boy did I fall in love. The elegant range of luxury looking wood watches, each  with unique individual design. I was also able to learn about the different woods used for individual watch which they provided in detail.  I selected the watches I wanted and waited impatiently for the arrival (lol).  Wood Watches review

Delivery didn’t take too long, arrived two weeks after it was posted which is quick for international delivery.
It arrived in this large square shaped black box with Jord logo all over it, including the tape around it. On opening, I saw this solid brown wooden box with very smooth and beautiful finish with Jord logo also inscribed on it.  The box is so elegant, it will fit right onto your dressing table. Inside was a beautifully crafted hand-made watch. I had to touch it to make sure it’s truly made of wood (lol). The detailing, the colour, everything about it screams luxury and class. I couldn’t help but wonder how long it had taken to complete the work on a single watch.wood watch

wood watch

First Impression
This is the Koa & Black from their Dover series. It seem slightly bigger than it appeared on the website but being a fan of big watches, I didn’t mind at all. Though I later realized I have selected from the men’s range which will explain the size, the women’s range come slightly smaller.  I am truly amazed by the amount of detailing on this watch, the craftsmanship of it, from the serrated edge to the tiny careful markings which adorned the face, including a beautiful  black and brown  two-tone effect. Even the tiny winding knob had it’s own detail and jord logo on it, you can see they are truly proud of their product.

What I find most astonishing is the see through middle where you can see all the mechanism of the watch, it’s so beautiful. This is the first I’m seeing the inside of a watch without it being on the repair table.

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This watch is so stylish and elegant.  It’s not a one occasion type of watch as it suits almost any outing, from a business meeting to a get-together or even a lovely evening stroll. Check my upcoming posts to see how i will be pairing it with different outfits.
You would have thought this watch will feel heavy on the wrist due to the size but its actually lighter than it looks.  Wearing it will definitely give that look of luxury with very little effort.
The watch is a real conversation starter as it’s not something you wear and hide. It makes statement all on it’s own no matter the occasion, so roll your sleeves and soak in the glares as you will most definitely get them.

I love this watch and would definitely recommend it if you are into classy and unique products.  For your personal use, it’s got style, the brown colour makes it so versatile to wear. As a gift, I will say look no further. This is a boxed gift item ready to go with option to engrave any message on the box or the watch itself  for a personal touch.
Worrying about maintenance, Jord watches have you covered.  Along with the watch is a care pack which includes a little booklet containing all the important stuff to know. The box itself is vented to allow air circulation when the watch is kept inside, how cool is that.  The watch is splashproof, so you can wear it while enjoying your daily activity but do not submerge in water as it is  not waterproof.

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This post was sponsored by Jord Watches, all opinions are my own.

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