Spotted Dungaree Jumpsuit : Now on sale here. Similar jumpsuits available here, here, also here.
Black Crop Top : Similar here, here and here
Bag : See here and here
Shoes : (sold out), similar available here and here
spotted dungaree jumpsuitdungaree jumpsuitblack crop top asos jumpsuitsI never seem to get tired of jumpsuits (some obsession i have with them), my favorites being the  floor length ones.  It’s probably because they are never out of fashion and so easy to style.
 There are different types available (like 3 or 4 types), the solid colour jumpsuit, denim jumpsuit, printed jumpsuit (like i’m wearing in this post and here), can’t remember more. I have styled the denim jumpsuit (here) and the solid/plain colour jumpsuit ( here , here).  I also styled more printed/patterned ones (here, here,here),  oh my, so many.
Love this dungaree style of jumpsuit as it works both for smart and casual, so you know you can enjoy wearing it to a casual outing without looking too dressed up. I will be styling this to a more formal look very soon so keep an eye out.
Of course as with all things, wearing a jumpsuit comes with it’s cons. Most important one being using the ladies when you are out and about. There is a restriction as you can tell from the style but hey, I don’t believe this is big deal enough to stop you from rocking one. Using the loo just before heading out and drinking minimal amount of liquid should do the trick. Though the dungaree jumpsuits are easily accessible as they are like regular trousers once you slip the straps off.
So,  hope this has enlightened you a little on the topic of jumpsuits. of course, there are still much more to know but all in good time. Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

spotted jumpsuit black jumpsuit sleeveless crop top red patent bag and spotted jumpsuitblack outfit with red heels


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